Love and another world

I read and read…43 yrs old and read one book in my life. Things change, life changes and for some trying to fathom another side of life..every day is a school day and something is there to be learned. Words, rat, maggot that refer to a kind of people. There are trial transcripts..the mouthpieces call each other ”my learned friend” and sure enough i learn they are indeed friends..your honor..hmm.

These last two years, i have become the friend and wife of a convicted murderer. Family members that i had worked hard with repairing relationships with have clearly wiped me and what was once simple social tasks are tainted with one of the worse labels a person can have.

I held him in my arms yesterday and i cried, i couldnt get my breath and i asked him how…how did he survive…he was an innocent kid with no idea…how did he survive the institutionalization and the horrors i am reading, grasping, imagining…dog, maggots and rats.

He pulls himself up if he finds himself using those words…especially when we are researching what the frig when wrong…dont get me wrong….no other words suit those breeds…more useful words will help when…

he has his day in court…he has a voice and will be heard.

My kind, considerate, gentle, respectful husband. amazing strength that is driving me deeper into finding out how….to clear his name.

flyblown canine rodants šŸ™‚


seeking justice

After knowing my husband for two years..we decided to marry. I have changed my surname to i am prepared to stand by him with his name be it mud. I am ‘just a middle aged housewife’ and i am in his brief file and paper work and bulllllllllllshiiiiiiiiittttttt up to my neck. Everything here, all of it screams corruption, cover ups, tunnel vision, professional misconduct, jailhouse snitch blah blah. all the key factors that lead to a miscarrage of justice and an innocent 22 year old man-spends 14 years incarcerated and 4 yrs parole.

he was asleep, at a mates house and the mother alibied that, as well as all of the places he says he was proven to be correct. I have no doubt he was a shit of a kid, they mention his assault police- he was 8 years old and wanted to go home. petty thief charges..jacks would ask if he did it..and yeah he did.was his answer. no charges since he was 19 yrs old.

Did he kill this girl..NO..

He could have said yes and im sorry and looked at what…6 years there abouts??

Yet..for 18 years he has maintained his innocence and really cannot move on with life until the real perpetrator is revealed. i mean, this is is criminal act in its self isnt it. have you ever heard the cry of an innocent man. he reads 18 friggn years later the brief and only now mentally understands and grasps the hanious manuscripts of lies. The absoluteĀ  lack of even questioning people in the town, lets say on parole for manslaughter.Ā  Or reading a statement we have here , never used in court….one of the junkies asked to be mic’d up and get a confession, even after saying my bloke didnt do it. This junkie states ‘im dead’ He was dead before the commital. His statement was not used even though he says what he does and it is so very relevant.

All this the tip of the iceburg

We read court transcripts and see where he had no chance. jacks asked for the dumbest bloke in town and his defence presented him as that…he didnt get to take the stand..borderline retard they say..he ejumucated himself inside, try pin it on him now fuckers.

“although your part in this is unclear…” “you made good your escape” says the judge. Not one sceric of evidence.

how do we get DNA done…thats if the evidence is still in existance. They had the murder weapon…the blood matched the deceased and thats about the extent of forensics. Hubby will spit out any kind of DNA they want..his wont be there. Hopefully whodunnit gets hanged.

This is a case of actual innocence and and exoneration due here. just hard to get Her Majesty into court.