Parole..toeing the line is true. A longtermer with 8 moths to go on parole…no police contact, can do this, cant do that, head down, gob shut and try to make the very best of what life has to offer. Continuously remembering to avoid anything that may be considered a breech. 8 months=ends 18 years of wrongful imprisonment.

We are living under a stigma…PAROLEE..MURDERER

Branded by the abhorrent  crimes that other parolees are committing. it is sickening and effects our role in society when we become tarred with the same brush…

We are in fact not even remotely similar to these people.

We want to have a nice simple day he will be cleared of this .. he has maintained his innocence, in the end…the truth will come out.


One thought on “Parole..toeing the line”

  1. News was good this week from reporting. We are now on monthly reports…one more home visit and one more full board meeting at the conclusion of the parole period.

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