Love and another world

I read and read…43 yrs old and read one book in my life. Things change, life changes and for some trying to fathom another side of life..every day is a school day and something is there to be learned. Words, rat, maggot that refer to a kind of people. There are trial transcripts..the mouthpieces call each other ”my learned friend” and sure enough i learn they are indeed friends..your honor..hmm.

These last two years, i have become the friend and wife of a convicted murderer. Family members that i had worked hard with repairing relationships with have clearly wiped me and what was once simple social tasks are tainted with one of the worse labels a person can have.

I held him in my arms yesterday and i cried, i couldnt get my breath and i asked him how…how did he survive…he was an innocent kid with no idea…how did he survive the institutionalization and the horrors i am reading, grasping, imagining…dog, maggots and rats.

He pulls himself up if he finds himself using those words…especially when we are researching what the frig when wrong…dont get me wrong….no other words suit those breeds…more useful words will help when…

he has his day in court…he has a voice and will be heard.

My kind, considerate, gentle, respectful husband. amazing strength that is driving me deeper into finding out how….to clear his name.

flyblown canine rodants 🙂


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